The most odd fashion styles for summer in men

The odd or weird fashions does not need creativity. Just wear shaggy clothes or awkward attire and you are done but still you will look unique among others no matter how ugly you look. Looking odd can give you old look, weird, nerd etc. If the attire is from fashion designer then it is a big blunder. Let we see few weird men fashions.

Without Shirt

hairy men body

Some men hang around without wearing any shirt, either showing the muscles or hot season makes them move to go naked. Men should realize the arm pits hair does not have any attraction along with naval area.

Girlish wear

How will some one feel when she/he look a man wearing girlish stuff and looks totally out of masculine touch.

girlish man

Joker Wear

Wearing clothing which is entertaining but for only kids amusement parks not in normal places.

joker wear man

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The above kind of scenes are not seen often but strangely these styles are available at men fashion shows occasionally. The designers who choose such clothing must have some idea to depict but sometimes ideas goes wrong, it is the only audience who accept or reject any designer,s idea.

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