Polo shirts give casual and formal look both

Polo shirts are being wear from kids to elder men. The designs and colors are available in huge range by different brands. The comb fabric is the most commonly used in polo shirts but plain cotton is also abundant in the market. Both the material are cool and comfortable to wear. Polo shirts can be used with any pant or trouser combination from jeans to dress pants. Wearing Polo shirt with jeans give a casual look while with dress pant it can make you formal depending on the color combination you choose.

 Plain Polo shirt

plain polo shirtThe simple plain Polo shirt is the choice of young generation and old folks too. It can be wear casually and formally both. The contrast color combination with pant or jeans can be opted.

Stripped Polo shirt

stripped polo shirtStripped Polo shirt is being designed by many companies with colorful scheme. One should keep in mind a basic tip of strips. If the strips are in vertical way, you will look tall and if the stripes are in horizantal direction the your look will be a bit short and fat too.

Pattern Design Polo shirts

pattern design polo shirtThe pattern designs are famous now a days. They give sporty look and looks trendy. The patterns can be through fabric cutting or printing. Tommy Hilfiger pattern designs are unique in the market.

The above are the basic patterns which are designed in different material having short or long sleeves with various fittings. Normally the long sleeves are used in cold weathers while short sleeves are good for summer season.

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