Get ready and put your hats on

Hats can be seen commonly use in South East Asia and Latin America  while working in the agriculture fields or strolling in the streets to get protection from burning heat. Hats are fashion in many parts of the world and in some cases it becomes a culture as cow boy style does not complete without hat. The royal family members also use hats to give an important status to their head gears.

What type of hat to choose?

Royal Hats

royal hats

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Royal hats are easy to choose as one can just follow the design which royal men are using. More than 40 countries are being ruled through monarch so the choice is various.

Army hats

Military hats are famous in almost all regions of the world and especially if camouflage hat is not available in a cap shop then the owner of the shop should close his shop.

Summer hats

summer hat

Summer hats ranges from colourful prints to simple colours and in different materials. Fabric especially cotton should be the best choice as it is light in weight and comfortable.


Leather hats

leather hat

Leather hats are being in use from  centuries and it is among those attires which mankind wearing almost in a same shape as were used by ancient time.

The other types which one can consider are Fedora, Top, Straw, Panama, Trilby and lot more.

One can choose from the above hats but now a days pet hats are also available and make sure your choice must differentiate you from animal look. I hope wearing a hat is not a big deal and one can easily fit on head.