Top fashion hair style in year 2012 for men

Man personality starts from the head and hair style can become some one’s first impression. Every year the new hair styles are being introduced, in year 2012 the most popular hair style pictures are as follow.

1- This hair cut normally require gel to give a shape. It is good for straight hair.

decent hair cut

2-The hair style require to have atleast 4 to 5 inch long hair and good for wavy hair or the hair stylist can put some waves.

3-Nice hair style but require dense hair on head, good for youngsters.

hair style for 2012

4-Straight decent hair style, good for straight hair as there is a puff on right angle.

puff hair style

5- Good for wavy hair and require gel to keep the hair in desired shape.

nice hair style


hair style latest

6-  This style is not much popular but it can be a choice for people who would like to look a bit ruggard.

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