Shoulder length hair style for coming winter 2012

Summer is about to over and Autumn will be the next season in many countries of the world. Shoulder length hair can be your choice for coming winter as summer many of guys reluctant to have long hair due to hot weather. You have three more months to keep your hair long to reach your shoulder and that will be your winter 2012 hair style. Your head and neck will feel cozy if you have shoulder length hair cut.

Wavy Shoulder length hair style

shoulder lenghth hair styleThis is a picture of Hindi film star Sanjay Dut, he appeared with this hair style in 1990’s famous movie Khalnayak where he acted as villain but got more attention than hero. Wavy hair style does not give neat look, it shows you a bit rough and tough.

Straight hair shoulder length


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Straight long hair never give rough look unless you have beard, it can be considered as decent cut. Straight hair are easy to manage but if you have straighten treatment for hair then you should use shampoo and conditioners to keep your hair lively and shining.

Curly long hair

curly long hair men

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Having curly long hair means keeping a pet which you really have to take care. Curly long hair normally is difficult to take care as one have to keep special combs and hair care products to give them a proper style and shine. Normally having long curly hair require lot of time to wait as the length of curly hair is double than normal straight hair. If you have enough long hair right now then only you can have shoulder length curly hair style for coming winter 2012.

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