Men selection for hair shampoo and conditioners

Personality starts from head and finish at toe so head is the first thing to consider while giving appearance to your self. Hair care in men is a growing concern and lot of products are available in the market to style your hair. There are few things to be take into account when choosing your hair tonic. It depends on your hair type to analyse and select the best hair product which contain enough nutrition along with suitable properties.

men hair protection

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First thing to determine is your hair type and hair falls under following categories.

Straight Thick hair

Straight Thin Hair

Curly Thick hair

Curly Thin Hair

Wavy Hair

It is much easy to take care of short hair as compare to long hair, short hair need less nutrition while long hair due to size requires more, and straight hair is also easy as compare to other types. Your hair stylist or expert can suggest you the need of your hair, we discuss some suggestions from the experts to know more about your hair care use.


Choosing a right shampoo can lead to an attractive shining hair for any men provided he is not a bald. Shampoo’s available in the market falls under following categories

1- Normal hair shampoo 

It is a common type which simply wash out your hair and clean the dust and some oil present in hair.

2- Oily hair shampoo

If oil is present in your hair then normal shampoo does not work properly unless you use more than one type. There are shampoo’s available in the market which are more stronger than normal shampoos. One should be careful if such shampoos are used with dry skin, it can make your head skin more dry.

3- Shampoo for dry hair

Dry hair shampoo add some moisture in your hair to keep the dryness at bay and make your hair fresh looking.

4- Anti dandruff shampoo

Many men face dandruff problem which is the main cause of hair loss and other abnormal hair look. Anti dandruff shampoo’s can clear dandruff from head and makes your hair roots to be more strong in the absence of dandruff.

5- Shampoo’ s with conditioners

Gone were the days when separate conditioner and shampoos were used, now many brands are offering shampoos with conditioners which can be helpful in hot or cold weather conditions to protect your hair from any damage.

6- Herbal shampoo

Herbal shampoos producer claim that the normal shampoos available in the market are made of chemicals which can cause damage to your scalp and hair if use for long time. Herbal ingredients such as aloe vira, tea extract and other herbs can be beneficial in a natural way to keep your hair strong and healthy.

The choice is your’s to which one to use for your head.