Guys can follow Tom Cruise hair style

Tom Cruise is idol for many of you and few of you must be inspired from his dressing and hair style. Some people says he posses feminine look but many of you guys can adopt his style ti inspire your own personality.

shinning face tom cruise

Image source

The famous picture of Tom Cruise was taken during the shooting time of ” Rock of Ages”. The hair style is still popular among youngsters. He is still young in the picture as he look 26 years ago when he acted in Top Gun.

tom cruise sharp hairstyle

Image source

This image was taken during the shoot of M13 in 2006. Buzz style haircut is 1 inch from all style and it really suits him as shown in side view above.

long hair tom cruise

Image source

It is not fair to show Tom Cruise without long hair. Most of his movies are action and seldom he appear in long hair except few.

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