Fifa world cup 2014 gave us stylish hair styles to follow

Fifa world cup 2014 is over and leave behind lot of memories to be remember till the world exist in this universe. The foot ballers representing their teams were seen with enormous hairstyles to attract the fans.  The fever of world cup is almost finished but the hair styles demand in barber shops remain their. Many of youngsters and middle age men are styling hair like Ronaldo, James and their favourites respectively.

ronaldo hair style

The dashing Ronaldo did not manage to won world cup for his country but his hairsyle remains the head gear of many fans around the world.

neymar fifa 2014 hairstyle

The same story with Ronaldo but the only difference is, he got injured and could not not carry on the world cup till end. His tropical hair style  remains alive for many men.


The Colombian James won the hearts of many through its energetic performance and skills but his cute look also give him a chance to get fame. Decent looking hairstyle suits him enough to be followed as a new hairstyle for many youngsters.

There were many more hairstyles by the players to be folowed but shaven head should not be ignored to give full points to flying horse of  Holland and definitely he is Roben.

roben world cup 2014