Top brands parade for autmn / winter fashion 2016 – 17

Parades are part of customs in almost all the countries of the world. Army school students or other department people do parade on national day and salute to the respective flag of their country to give an honour and show their love towards a country where they live. Parade is a kind of show of discipline and loyalty for a special objective in minds.

Fashion industry also conduct parade shows for men to show how well committed they are towards innovation and new designs. Fashion show for Autumn / Winter 2016 – 17 has been conducted by many brands and we were keen to know about new arrivals. Some of the top brand new products are selected for our viewers.

Louis Vuitton

At the start i was feeling like FBI personnel are parading but as the shows move on LV designs flourish more with black still prominent.


I like the show, some robotics and curious way to start.


Its a mix show men and women but i cant say bad


I really want to see clothing by visiting the store.


If you never give attention to Guci before, i think you will give after watching this show.

Giorgio Armani

The textures and farbics are nice but music was slow.


Bomber were amazing….