Branding your men fashion apparels and clothing

Branding is a term which is the dream of any fashion designer to be recognise world wide or regionally, to achieve this milestone one can run through long passage as other brands did. Now a days branding channels are in abundance but before you follow these channels there must be homework for it.


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You are selling men clothes and you must plan where to start your business and of course the brand name is the first thing to consider. Name can be your own or you can choose some other attractive word, here my choice will be a masculine type of word so the name speak itself unless you are designing for soft guys… ha ha (light joke and advance apologies for softies)

The name is selected and now i assume you have your own designs and stitching resources with good quality and handy workmen who can produce the quality outfits. Remember there should be no compromise on quality as people will stick to your attires if there is assurance of quality. The range of product is a subjective matter and its up to you, what is your target audience either it can be ethnic or open for all, we just assume generally.

Now your product is ready and you are also ready for your marketing and branding plan. Hire a studio and your model (it may be your self if you think you fit to this job) and start photographs of your products. Some people use mannequin but i recommend live face because research shows lively images have more sales than artificial faces.

There are two types of channel which can be used for your brand popularity campaign

1- Online

Social media, Emails, Website, Forums, Blogs, Videos and so on

2- Offline

Magazines, Bill board, Brochures, Name cards etc

The first thing to do is watch out, what other brands do for their marketing campaigns and understand their approach, that can only be done through due consideration and diligence by watching out their activities online and offline.

Online resources are affordable but now a days a bit time consuming along with multiple repetitive boring tasks but solution is always there which is to hire web developer along with social marketing/online expert and rest he/she will do while you have to show patience as it takes few months to get positive results. There are many companies which offer web development and e-marketing services under one roof. Your involvement with your web developer is compulsory as you are the one who will let them know your need and they will execute.

You must have Facebook page, Instagram id, Twitter account, Google pages, Pinterest presence etc in order to shout out and increase your followers to gain a considerable attention of people. Whenever you launch a new product you must update your above social media pages too. Youtube can be a good source too if you have videos otherwise your web developer can make some digital presentation to upload.

Offline branding methods are more towards touch and feel where you print your brochures, design billboard or advertise in magazines to attract the targeted audience. Your brand label must be attached to the product and if possible a small tag should be visible so other person can view your brand name while facing the person who is wearing your attire.

Magazines advertisement can be used for soft launching of your brand and later on you can use as any new product launching with attractive layout design.

Participating in fashion shows is a great idea as the audience is business community who are interested in new designer clothes for their stores and you can get your chance of selling  in bulk while your products collection can be displayed country wide.

I have discussed lightly on marketing and branding issue but once you are in there will be hundred of ways and ideas to follow for establishing a dream brand of your own. At last i am sure if you are producing nice collections and really have great ideas in designing then your customer who are wearing your products will be your brand ambassador.