Choosing the right back pack for your discovery journey

Summer is at its last breaths and Autumn is getting ready to show its brightness. High mountains, crystal clear water, virgin islands and lot more the rich cultures are waiting for you  to explore this autumn. If you are planning your journey with a budget then backpack must be with you.


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Choosing a right backpack is compulsory as you will travel thousand miles and your luggage must be organise in a compact and light weight. Back packs are in many designs material and colours, the following tips will be great to follow in selecting your back saddle.

Size of the bag

It is totally on your luggage volume to fit inside, if you are travelling for longer days then the bigger the better.

Material Used

There are many material used in the bag from leather to canvas rexine and so on. Most popular bags are canvas now a days because it is easy to wash stains and they are less heavy. Leather bags are stylish and long lasting but the main problem is only taking care of leather as humid weather can spoil the surface of the bag.


If there are some compartments outside and inside the bag then it will be good to organise your normal belongings and petty item separately.

Comfort of back

The bags which are cushioned with foam at the back are more easier to carry and gives you a comfort while walking.

Opening of the bag

Full zip at the mouth are much better as you can put your things easily without doing multi folds.

Rain cover

If your bag comes with rain cover then it is the best to save your bag from water otherwise you must buy one.

Load lifting straps

There must be load lifting straps attached with your bag, if around shoulders and at waste then the burden will be share with your back and moreover the straps must be adjustable in order to fit around your body.


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