Chronograph watches for men are attention in the market now

Chronograph watch was introduced back in early 19th century for dual purpose of having time function along with stop watch. As the time grows it become more popular and in this modern era the new designs improve the look and functions too to make it your favourite wrist wear.  Few of the popular chronograph watches are as below.

1- TAG Heuer Grand CARRERA

tag heur carera chronograph watchImage source

Master pieceby world trendy watch maker having the measuring function with 1/10th second display. The design is handy and sporty.

2- Rado V-10K Chronograph watch

rado chonograph concept watchImage source

This model was introduced in 2004 by Rado having elegant look and latest chronograph functions to join the chronography family. This watch is a combination of complex structure along with high tech metal engineering works.

3- Piaget Polo FortyFive Chronograph Watch

piaget polo chronograph watchImage source

Piaget Polo chronograph and three-hand version, and they are pretty much the same Piaget Polo 45 you may familiar with. Skeletonized dials increase the elegance of time piece.

4- Casio G Shock Chronograph watch

casio g shock chronograph watchImage source

Casio G shock chronograph is a popular choice among teen agers, the simple and clean sporty look ,easy to wear, light weight and the most important economical.