Ancient tattoo designs on men body

Tattoo is a fashion which is being practiced for centuries, the difference between now and before is only the tools used. Now the modern electronics machines are being used. The ancient designs are still favorites for many men. We have selected few top designs to view.

1-  Lion tattoo

lion tattooImage source

Lion is an animal which is a sign of brave and old. Men like to have an act which shows that they are brave and don’t hesitate to show off this character.

2- Star Tattoo

star tattooImage source

Ancient people worship star and consider them as God. They consider having star tattoo on body is a sacred act but now a days is a top fashion.

3- Eye Tattoo

eye-tattooImage source

Some tattoo designs does not have clear meaning or message but men still opt to have on their body. As in above picture the eye tattoo is designed which does not have any specific message.

4- Art Tattoo

art tattooImage source

The ancient art tattoo designs are common and shows some creativity. Normally these designs are shown in larger part of body such as arms and chest. The designs shows the old civilization touch.

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